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A New Perspective on Global Supplier Approach

Our Brands

Each of our brands has unique features and is designed to meet customer expectations. While Submersible Fastener offers reliability and durability in connection equipment, Flexada provides high performance connection solutions in the international market. While D'Foncé enables our stylish customers to express themselves in the world of fashion, Mirka maintains its leading position in the sector for polishing products.


Dalgıç Global İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. offers quality and reliable solutions to our customers in various sectors with a wide range of services. Our professional team aims to meet the needs of our customers by using their expertise and experience.

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R&D and 




Luxury Fashion


product and



Product Supply

Why Are We Different?

Collaboration and New Areas

Rely on our commercial experience; "What can we add to our society, in which areas can we create new services?" We think and work. We care not to be alone in any field, but to be successful in big projects.


Technological transformations can be perceived differently in terms of individuals and companies. We think that the concept of institutionalism is related to the systematic functioning of things. We strive to present all of our services within the framework of sincerity and transparency.

Dynamic Structure

The procurement process requires fast and accurate action. We have the dynamism to meet your global needs as quickly as possible. You can trust our young and professional staff.


Dalgıç Group of Companies

As a group that mostly focuses on industrial investments, which includes Dalgıç Kalıp, Dlg Plast, Dalgıç Global and Dalgıç Makine companies, Dalgıç Group of Companies, which mostly serves the automotive, white goods and electrical-electronic sectors, continues to grow by making investments and keeping up with technology.

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