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In the field of accessories, it invites you to an adventure where carefully selected genuine leathers, especially texture and color, are blended with useful and compact designs, where quality and elegance meet directly with the user.


D'Foncé: Redefining Luxury

The D'Foncé brand, which we have created with the aim of bringing fashion and your needs together under the same roof, brings a new breath to the perception of luxury with products with a story. Our products, whose every detail has been carefully designed, create a unique style by combining elegance and functionality.

We have a wide range of products from men's wallets to women's wallets, from phone cases to key chains and agendas. Each of our products has been carefully crafted from the highest quality materials and has been carefully designed to ensure long-lasting use. Premium leather and other high-quality materials increase the durability and elegance of our products.

D'Foncé brand aims to tell a unique story in every product by staying away from the ordinary. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or want a more flamboyant and eye-catching look, we are sure that you will find the right option in our collection. While each product combines elegance and functionality, it stands out with its unique details and quality of craftsmanship.


Our men's wallets both complement your style with their stylish and practical designs and provide you with practicality in your daily use. Our women's wallets, on the other hand, combine elegance and grace, accompanying your special moments and daily life. Our phone cases allow you to both protect your phone and reflect your style. Our key chains complement your style while carrying your keys with their stylish and functional designs. Our agendas, on the other hand, help you organize your daily plans with their far from ordinary designs.

The D'Foncé brand aims to provide you with the best experience by offering quality, elegance and uniqueness in each product. Each of our products is brought together with carefully selected materials and unique designs. Combining elegance and functionality, D'Foncé products will add color to your life as accessories that will make you feel special and reflect your style.


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