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Entrepreneur Application

If you are looking for support for your venture, you can fill out the form in detail and apply.

Dalgıç Global A.Ş offers an important opportunity to support entrepreneurs and invest in companies. You, too, are at the right address to achieve success in business life, expand your initiatives and maximize your potential.

With years of experience and strong financial resources, Dalgıç Global A.Ş contributes to the realization of new projects by supporting entrepreneurs. By collaborating with startups with innovative ideas, promising sectors and growth potential, we carry them to success.

As Dalgıç Global A.Ş, we do not only provide financial support to the companies we invest in. At the same time, we help businesses grow, increase their operational efficiency and gain competitive advantage with our expert staff and strategic guidance. Having a strong network, we enable collaborations, offer partnership opportunities and share our experiences in the sector.

You can send us your enterprise requests through our website. We look forward to hearing and evaluating you for your innovative ideas, projects with growth potential and successful businesses of the future. You can count on us to be with you on the road to success and to make your vision a reality.

Dalgıç Global A.Ş is here to help you open new horizons in the business world. Take your step now and join us on the road to success!

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Entrepreneur Application Form

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