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As one of the reliable dealers of the Mirka brand, we are in a leading position in the sector. We are proud to serve our customers with Mirka's premium quality products and solutions. In this article, we would like to introduce Dalgıç Global A.Ş.'s cooperation with Mirka brand and the products we offer in more detail, by addressing topics such as Mirka, Mirka dealers, polishing products, Mirka abrasives and Mirka sanding machines.

Mirka Abrasives

Mirka abrasives ensure smooth and perfect preparation of surfaces. Available in different sizes and grains, the abrasives offer suitable options for all types of surfaces. It provides wear resistance and long life thanks to high quality abrasive materials and special designs. In addition, it provides a clean working environment with its dust absorption properties and minimizes dust formation. 

Mirka Machines

Mirka sanders stand out with their high performance and ease of use. Thanks to its ergonomic designs and user-friendly features, it prevents you from getting tired even during long-term work. Mirka sanders offer lower vibration levels with vibration reduction technology, thus providing a more comfortable working experience. In addition, when used with dust extraction systems, it minimizes dust formation and provides a healthy working environment.

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