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Our services

Dalgıç Global İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. offers quality and reliable solutions to our customers in various sectors with a wide range of services. Our professional team aims to meet the needs of our customers by using their expertise and experience.

Connection Equipment Production and Supply

Dalgıç Global A.Ş provides specialized Connection Equipment Production and Supply service under the Dalgıç Raptiye brand. We offer our customers reliable and durable connection solutions with high quality Submersible Fastener products. Our Dalgıç Fastener brand, which has been carefully designed to meet industrial needs, is the leader in the sector. Focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, Dalgıç Global A.Ş has proven its expertise in the field of connection equipment.

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R&D and Innovation

Dalgıç Global A.Ş is a prominent brand with its R&D and innovation services. We meet industrial needs by offering innovative solutions to our customers. We continuously ensure the development of our products and services through R&D activities. As Dalgıç Global A.Ş, we adopt an approach that targets customer satisfaction and sectoral leadership. We continue to offer the best to our customers with our expert team in the field of R&D and innovation.

Luxury Accessory Retailing

Dalgıç Global A.Ş sells luxury leather accessories under the brand D'foncé. We play a leading role in the field of style and elegance by offering our customers original and high quality leather products. Our D'foncé brand draws attention with its accessories designed with elegance and superior craftsmanship. D'foncé is an indispensable choice for those looking for a luxurious and prestigious look. As Dalgıç Global A.Ş, we continue to serve stylish individuals with stylish and high quality leather accessories, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.

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Global Product Sourcing

Dalgıç Global A.Ş offers solutions to its customers with its Global Product Supply services. Thanks to our strong supply network, we procure products from worldwide sources. We facilitate our customers' business by offering competitive products in the global market in a fast and reliable manner. As Dalgıç Global A.Ş, we are the leader in the field of global product supply with an approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction. We take pride in ensuring that the products you need are provided on time and at an affordable cost.

Product and Service Management

Dalgıç Global A.Ş adds value to its customers with its Product and Service Management services. We provide effective management of products and services with a professional team and strategic approach. We increase the competitive advantage of businesses by offering customer-oriented solutions. As Dalgıç Global A.Ş, we are specialized in product and service management with an approach aimed at customer satisfaction. We are happy to work with you to effectively manage your business' products and provide valuable experiences to your target audience.

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