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Our HR Applications

As Dalgıç Global, we understand the value and importance of our employees and develop various HR (Human Resources) applications to support them.


Talent Development

We organize training and development programs to enable our employees to develop their skills and advance in their careers. We help our employees maximize their potential with talent management strategies.

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Employee Relations

We provide a positive working environment and effective communication to increase the motivation and loyalty of our employees. We encourage cooperation and team spirit, and value the ideas of our employees.


Performance evaluation

Through performance evaluation processes, we objectively evaluate the performance of our employees and provide feedback. In this way, we support our employees to further develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses.


Occupational health and Safety

We prioritize the health and safety of our employees. We ensure the safety of the working environment with occupational health and safety policies and procedures and take measures to prevent occupational accidents.


Recruitment and Selection

In our recruitment processes, we carefully evaluate the candidates and take care to select the most suitable people for the job. We create a strong employee base by recruiting the right talents through competency-based interviews and assessment center practices.


Diversity and Inclusion

Policies that focus on diversity and inclusion of workers, such as different genders, ethnicities, age groups, disability. These policies aim to promote diversity, prevent discrimination and create an equitable work environment.

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